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Best-in-class precision ocular ASO therapeutics driven by human genetics

Our next-generation AntiClastic ASO medicines

Icon Precise Design
Precise Design

Uses established building blocks that make clinical and market-validated ASOs.

icon Improved Potency
Improved Potency

Leverages proprietary structures to improve potency and promote the delivery of antisense to target RNA, and optimizes engagement of RNaseH for precise excision.

Icon Better Medicines
Better Medicines

Minimizes off-target interactions with unintended RNA targets , mitigates the inflammatory response—potentially improving the therapeutic index.

Our Approach Image
Our Approach

Treating severe blinding diseases

Aldebaran utilizes ocular disease genetics to identify targets for well-defined patient populations with broad therapeutic potential. We are passionate about finding solutions for:

  • Inherited retinal disease
  • Age-related macular degeneration
  • glaucoma
Our Science

Ocular Disease Genetics

We are advancing a diversified portfolio of precision ocular AntiClastic ASOs for patients with severe blinding diseases. We are using human iPSC and in vivo models to de-risk and accelerate therapeutics to the clinic.

Meet our team
Hundreds of genes and Millions of patients: Common Hundreds of Genes and Thousands of Patients: Rare
Our Team

We have assembled a world-class group of company builders, scientists, and leaders at the forefront of ocular research and development and ASO therapeutics.

Carlos Loya
Carlos Loya, PhD

Founder,  CEO, Board Director

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Sudhir Agrawal
Sudhir Agarwal, PhD

Co-Founder, SAB Member

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Andrew Peterson
Andrew Peterson, PhD

Co-Founder, SAB Member

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Vinod Vathipadiekal
Vinod Vathipadiekal, PhD

Board Director, Alloy Head of Genetic Medicines

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Chris Pacheco
Chris Pacheco, PhD

Board Director

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Eric Anderson
Errik Anderson

CEO, Founder of Alloy Therapeutics

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Our Investors
82VS - The venture studio of Alloy Therapeutics

82VS, the venture studio of Alloy Therapeutics, helps efficiently launch new multi-asset startup companies by leveraging the capabilities of the Alloy ecosystem at large.

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Let’s make better ocular medicines, together.

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